The 4 Keys to Effective Leadership Video Program

The 4 Keys to Effective Leadership features Ken Blanchard with guest speaker Vicki Halsey. This 4-DVD Set outlines Ken’s philosophy of how to become an effective leader. He discusses the importance of having the right target, treating your customers right, treating people right, and having the right kind of leadership.

DVD 1: Having the Right Target

The four keys to effective leadership begins with having the right target: a compelling vision. In this DVD, Ken Blanchard teaches the four steps to an attainable vision. Learn the importance of deciding who you are and writing a mission statement. Find out how to create a picture of the future that shows what things will look like when your mission is accomplished. Learn why it’s important to decide which rank-ordered values will guide your journey. Discover the magic of setting goals that tell you what needs to be done now. Get tips on how to identify and live your values.

DVD 2: Treating Your Customers Right

Whether you’re in business or not, you have customers. Everyone who gets the benefits of interacting with you—your spouse, kids, associates, and friends—are potential customers. In this DVD, Ken Blanchard teaches the three secrets of turning your "customers" into Raving Fans. Learn why it’s important to decide what experience you want people to have. Learn how to discover what people want. Find out why listening without defensiveness is a winning strategy. Learn how to deliver the experience you want people to have. Special guest speaker Vicki Halsey shares the I CARE strategy for treating customers right.

DVD 3: Treating Your People Right

Whether you’re building a family or a multinational organization, the four keys to effective leadership inevitably requires the help of others. In this DVD, Ken Blanchard teaches the magic of treating people right. Learn the relationship between how people feel about themselves and their performance. Learn why it’s important to help people win. Find out the three keys to getting people excited about turning your vision into reality. Discover the importance of setting goals, praising progress, redirecting, and building trust.

DVD 4: Having the Right Kind of Leadership

In this inspiring DVD, Ken Blanchard shows that anyone who influences the thinking and actions of others is a leader—including moms, dads, friends, and siblings. Learn the power of servant leadership and how to apply it. Discover the difference between being driven and being called. Learn the right way to receive feedback. Find out why so many leaders make poor decisions based on fear of false pride—and how you can avoid making similar mistakes. Learn the two parts of leadership and how to put them into practice. Finally, discover how to avoid the pitfalls of the human ego by practicing the essence of true leadership.

Program Length

Each of the 4 DVDs are approximately 30 minutes in length.

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