Do-It-Yourself Program Kits

Designed for managers or human resource professionals to introduce concepts within their departments or organizations.


TrustWorks!® Training Programs 

Transform your organization and establish a culture of trust with Blanchard's trust building training programs.

TrustWorks! programs improve communications across all levels of your organization, create a common language for a team or company, and teach managers how to address topics or situations on trust. Our programs provide new depth that will enhance your current leadership and team development by covering innovative ways to address challenging issues.

TrustWorks! utilizes the ABCD's of building trust in business—
Able, Believable, Connected, and Dependable.

  • Create a workplace that unlocks the energy of employees.
  • Propel leaders to become more engaged and empowered.
  • Build effective teams that enhance profitability.

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Relationship-Building Basics

Every day in every workplace, we encounter people who don’t listen or who can’t communicate well. Many of them avoid conflict and therefore avoid giving feedback altogether, especially when the feedback is difficult to deliver. Mastering the art of listening, feedback, challenging conversations, and building trust is crucial to having successful relationships at work and at home, for individuals and especially for managers.

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The Secret Training Program

In this four-hour program, participants learn the five practices that all great leaders have in common. These five practices, combined with the underlying motivation to serve those they lead, is the secret of great leaders.

The Secret Training Program


Core Leadership Skills Training Program

This one-day program delivers six core skills in a fun, interactive way. The facilitator teaches the content using charting, introspective exercises, partner discussions, table discussions, skill practice exercises with feedback and coaching, case studies, and large group discussions.

Core Leadership Skills Training Program


Gung Ho!® Video Training Program 

See how Native American mentor Andy Longclaw helps Peggy Sinclair turn around the desperately failing Walton Works II in this dramatic, cinema-type film. Learn the three secrets of Gung Ho! More

Gung Ho!, The Dramatic (DVD video)   
Gung Ho!, The Dramatic (participant workbook)
Gung Ho! (poster)    Gung Ho! (lapel pin)


Whale Done!® The Power of Positive Relationships
Video Training Program

What does training killer whales have to do with training humans? More than you think! In this inspiring training program, Ken Blanchard and top SeaWorld trainers Thad Lacinak and Chuck Tompkins teach viewers a technique that actually increases employee effectiveness at work—a technique perfected over 20 years at SeaWorld! More

Whale Done!, Complete Program (DVD video)   
Whale Done! Accentuate the Postivie (DVD video)   
Whale Done!, Complete Program (participant workbook)   
Whale Done! (lapel pin)
Whale Done! (stuffed animal whale)


The One Minute Manager®
Video Training Program 

Based on The One Minute Manager®, one of the best-selling management books in history, this video program and materials share the fundamental secrets of effective goal setting, praising, and reprimanding. More

The Story of a New One Minute Manager (DVD video)   
The Story of a New One Minute Manager (participant workbook)


Effective Leadership Video Training Program 

Ken Blanchard's philosophy on effective leadership is balanced across four critical areas—have the right target, treat your customers right, treat your people right, and have the right kind of leadership. More

The 4 Keys to Effective Leadership: What Every Manager Needs to Know and Do (4-DVD set)


The Leadership Pill: The Movie
Video Training Program

Based on the best-selling book, The Leadership Pill, The MOVIE is an entertaining and inspiring parable that illustrates the many advantages of quality leadership and leading with character.

The Leadership Pill: The Movie, Video Training Program


Leadout: An Experience in Leadership Game/Simulation

In Leadout®, conflicts arise, managers are transferred just when team trust is highest, financial constraints must be considered and, with the demand for quick decisions, team members are put in peril. As a result of these actions, participants experience a real-life team building activity. Expect to see a team standing over the activity board excited and poised for the next decision. More