Secret, The: What Great Leaders Know-And Do, 2nd Edition (Revised, Updated & Expanded)

Authors: Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

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The first edition of The Secret introduced hundreds of thousands of people to a profound yet seemingly contradictory concept: to lead is to serve. In this new edition, co-authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller have fine-tuned the storytelling, fleshed out the characters, and focused even more intensely on the idea of servant leadership. They've also added a new section summarizing The Secret's key points that will facilitate the use of the book as a learning and development tool.

In The Secret, Blanchard and Miller use the uniquely accessible "business fable" format that Blanchard pioneered to get at the heart of what makes a leader truly able to inspire and motivate people.

Debbie Brewster, recently promoted and struggling, finds herself about to lose her job due to poor performance. In an attempt to save her career, she enrolls in a new mentoring program offered by her company. Much to her surprise, Debbie finds her mentor is none other than Jeff Brown, the president of the company. Debbie decides that she is going to ask her new mentor the one question she feels she desperately needs answered: "What is the secret of great leaders?" Jeff's immediate answer, "great leaders serve their followers."

Over the next 18 months, Jeff helps Debbie discover and explore five fundamental ways that leaders lead through service. Along the way, she learns:

  • Why great leaders seem preoccupied with the future
  • Why and how people on "the team" are invariably key ingredients of success or failure
  • What three arenas require continuous improvement
  • Why true success in leadership has two essential components, and
  • How to knowingly strengthen—or unwittingly destroy—leadership credibility.

The Secret puts what Blanchard and Miller have learned about leadership in a form that anyone can easily understand, embrace, and pursue. It is a book that will benefit not only those who read it, but also the organizations they work in and the people who look to them for guidance.

About the Authors

Ken Blanchard is the co-founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a full-service management consulting and training company in the areas of empowerment, leadership, teamwork, performance management, customer service, quality management, ethics, and visioning. One of the most sought-after speakers to management groups, he is co-author of 40 books, including The One Minute Manager, one of the bestselling business books of all time.

Mark Miller began his Chick-fil-A career working as an hourly team member and is currently vice president of training and development. In over thirty years with Chick-fil-A, Mark has served in numerous roles, providing leadership in restaurant operations, quality and customer satisfaction, and corporate communications. He is the coauthor, with Ken Blanchard, of the international bestseller The Secret.

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