Zap the Gaps! Hardcover

Managers at all levels within organizations often see a problem and jump to a solution. Many times the solution does not solve the problem, however, because the manager did not uncover the root cause. Using the GAPS! approach to avoid this common pitfall, Dana and Jim Robinson have teamed with Ken Blanchard to tackle the crucial issue of human performance.

In Zap the Gaps!, Bill Ambers, the director of customer service in a high-tech firm, encounters a business problem: His call center is not making its numbers. With the help of Michael St. Vincent, legendary head of Saint Vincent's Nurseries and Landscaping, he learns to systematically dig to the root of the problem, discovering along the way both the GAPS! approach to performance improvement and a tool called the Gap Zapper.

With its engaging story line, vivid examples, and reader-friendly approach, Zap the Gaps! is a must read for anyone seeking to identify and correct the factors that negatively impact performance—so that the ultimate impact is both meaningful and measurable.

Discover, use and obtain results from the GAPS! approach. GAPS! is a proven, innovative and highly effective process for aligning workgroup performance with business needs.

GAPS! is actually an acronym for the four steps involved:

  • G = Go for the SHOULD (what must be accomplished)
  • A = Analyze the IS (what currently exists)
  • P = Pin down the CAUSES (what is causing the gap between the SHOULD and the IS)
  • S = Select the Right SOLUTIONS (what actions are needed to address root causes)

The secret to success of the GAPS! approach is the manner in which information is organized to ensure that all essential information regarding both the business goals and the performance requirements of people who support those goals are identified.

Jim and Dana Robinson are renowned leaders of the acclaimed Performance Consulting technology—a process through which workplace performance is enhanced in support of business goals. Dana and Jim Robinson are authors of the book Performance Consulting, considered to be a classic in the field of human performance improvement.

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