Whale Done! Hardcover

If Ken Blanchard had to choose just one thing to teach about for the rest of his life, he has no doubt that "catching people doing things right" would be his lasting message. 

Written with top SeaWorld trainers, Whale Done! explores how positive reinforcement techniques used with killer whales can have a dramatic effect on our human relationships both at work, and at home.

Drawing from the second secret of The One Minute Manager®the top-selling management book in history—we discover how whales respond best to positive reinforcement. Ken has been teaching us this lesson in relation to humans for the last 20 years!

When a gruff business manager and family man, Wes Kingsley, visited SeaWorld, he marveled at the ability of the trainers to lead huge killer whales in performing acrobatic leaps and dives. Later, talking to the chief trainer, he learned the trainers' techniques of building trust, accentuating the positive, and redirecting negative behavior—all of which make these extraordinary performances possible. Kingsley took a hard look at his own often accusatory management style and recognized how some of his shortcomings as a manager, spouse, and father diminish trust and damage relationships. He began to see the difference between "GOTcha" (catching people doing things wrong) and "Whale Done!" (catching people doing things right). 

In Whale Done!, Ken, Thad, Chuck, and Jim show how positive reinforcement and redirection can help increase productivity. These techniques are remarkably easy to master and can be applied equally well at home, allowing readers to become better parents, more committed spouses, and live happier lives.

About the Authors

Thad Lacinak is vice president and nationwide director of Animal Training for Busch Entertainment Corporation, with more than 28 years of experience in training marine mammals. Married, and the father of two children, he lives in Windermere, Florida.

Chuck Thompkins is vice president and curator of Animal Training at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, and has worked with killer whales for more than 25 years. Married, and the father of two children, he lives in Windermere, Florida.

Jim Ballard is an educator, corporate trainer, and writer who has worked closely on three other books with Ken Blanchard—Mission Possible, Everyone's a Coach, and Managing by Values. He is a family man with four children and lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Ken Blanchard is the Chief Spiritual Officer and Chairman of the Board of The Ken Blanchard Companies. He is the author of a dozen best-selling books, including the blockbuster international best-seller The One Minute Manager® and the giant business best-sellers Raving Fans® and Gung Ho!®. His books have sold more that 12 million copies in more than 25 languages. He and his wife have two children and live in San Diego, California.

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