The Leader Within Hardcover

Using the models of Situational Leadership®  II , DISC, and other acclaimed psychological theories, this text explores how your personality governs to a large extent how you will act and react as a leader over time. Striving to know your patterned self and your alternatives to those patterns is a key to being an effective leader.

The authors of this book have been consulting, teaching, and training in U.S. and International corporations for a combined total of over one hundred years.

At the heart of this book is a seven-year, in-depth statistical study concerning the personalities and influence behaviors used by corporate executives. The framework and in-depth discussion of personality and leadership can help anyone influence others more effectively. The purpose of the book is to help you recreate or re-invent your approach to leadership for better organizational results and greater human satisfaction.

The contents of this book are structured around four core ideas: Disposition, Values, Leader Behavior, and Character. Beginning with Chapter 1, which deals with the challenges of self change, you will find that each chapter contains metaphors to increase understanding and retention.

Discovering who you are and what you can be is a life-long challenge. Connecting to the "lost", or as yet, unused facets of your humanness will make you a better leader and will go far to rekindle the spirit of the people you lead.

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