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Ken Blanchard and his co-authors are considered some of the best-selling business leadership authors of our time. Worldwide, their books have combined sales of more than nineteen million copies in twenty-seven languages.

New One Minute Manager
Refire! Don't Retire
Why Motivating People Doesn't Work
Legendary Service
Raving Fans

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3 Keys to Empowerment
By Ken Blanchard, John P. Carlos, and Alan Randolph

Empowerment is a process that requires ongoing effort, awareness, and commitment to transforming the hierarchy. This essential guide offers managers detailed, hands-on answers to their real-life questions about how, exactly, they can navigate the journey to empowerment.

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4th Secret of the One Minute Manager
By Ken Blanchard and Margret McBride

Through this engaging parable, Blanchard and McBride teach readers step-by-step how to accept responsibility for their errors and deal with the cause of the damage while maintaining a genuine sense of integrity.

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Aligned Thinking
By Jim Steffen

Written in the simple fable style, the central idea of this book from author Jim Steffen is developing "Aligned Thinking," which is when "What you really want from life and work drives every action" and "Every action takes you step-by-step to what you really want."

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Brilliance by Design
By Vicki Halsey

"Learning," Vicki Halsey writes, "is the gateway to optimal life experiences. Learning transforms people’s lives, and teaching, in any forum, is the art and science of bringing out the brilliance that drives those transformations."

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