Preferred Leader Assessment

The (PLA) measures leadership behaviors critical to job performance and employee commitment. This online test measures behavior through self-report and 360° feedback.

Scores are based on a "normative sample." That means your leaders learn how they fare compared to thousands of others in the following areas:

  • Integrity—Building trust and respect by being the person you want others to be
  • Partnership—Harvesting the potential of your team through the relationship you build with them
  • Affirmation—Letting people know what they do is important and appreciated

What You'll Learn

The (PLA) has already proven to be a transforming experience for leaders in Fortune 500 and multinational corporations. Leaders learn how to win the commitment of their people, even when the pressure to perform is high. Blanchard training videos, clips of real-world events, and Hollywood television and movies bring to life the core values of leadership.

The assessment is a complete learning system that delivers much more than scores. Each leader who takes the assessment receives his or her unique profile in a 6-month eLearning program available 24-hours a day. A goal tracking system helps leaders chart their progress and obtain continuous feedback from others.

The (PLA) is a reliable and valid measure of leadership behavior that explains 43% of a leader’s job performance. The learning program tied to the assessment provides prescriptive actions leaders can take to improve in each of the three core areas of effective leadership. Automated, online, expert analysis helps a leader learn how to get the most from his or her development efforts.


The Preferred Leader Assessment (PLA) is designed for leaders of all levels and will benefit those who are tasked with guiding others to achieve positive results.


With just 30 questions, the (PLA) is fast and accurate.

  • Easy to understand and use. No certification required.
  • Applies the teachings of The Leadership Pill and makes them personally relevant.
  • Works as a stand-alone learning system or can be integrated into workshops and leadership development activities.
  • eLearning component uses Blanchard training videos, Hollywood films, and television shows.
  • Available in self-report and 360° versions.
  • Your assessment begins immediately—just "click and go."
  • Priced so anyone can use it. Assessment, eLearning, and goal tracking are in one affordable package.

Purchasing the Preferred Leader Assessment

Please contact us for more details and purchasing options of the Preferred Leader Assessment. This online assessment is currently not available for purchase on our eStore.