Feedback and assessment are key influencers for individual, managerial, team, and organizational success. Assessments can also provide insight into aspects of the self, team, and organization that can dramatically impact productivity and performance.

The assessments available below for purchase on our store are only the beginning of our assessment offerings. We offer many other individual, team, and organizational assessments that are available for purchase with direct participation in a Blanchard training program. Please contact us for more information.


High Performing Teams

DISC® Profile

Blanchard Assessments uncover how behavior and behavioral preferences have a direct influence on workplace relationships. The DISC assessment identifies patterns of behavior that can be a viewed as a personal strength or an area of opportunity for improvement depending on the situation. This assessment outlines strategies and tactics for adapting productive patterns of behavior that foster teamwork and collaboration. More

DiSC Personal Profile System

The DiSC Personal Profile System® group of assessments is based on four primary dimensions--dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. DiSC allows individuals and teams to increase the quality and quantity of communication by using nonjudgmental language to explore behavioral issues.  More

Team Dimensions Profile    DiSC Classic Profile    DiSC Relationship Profile   
DiSC Management Strategy People Reading Guide    Personal Listening Profile   
DiSC Customer Service Action Planner   Pace Pallet Instructor Kit   
Pace Pallet Profile


Time and Productivity

Time management assessments provide managers and employees with a better picture of their current time management effectiveness, as well as strategies for improvement. Gain important insights into how stress in one life area impacts other areas.  More

Time Mastery Profile    Coping and Stress Profile


Preferred Leader Assessment

The (PLA) measures leadership behaviors critical to job performance and employee commitment. This online test measures behavior through self-report and 360° feedback.

Scores are based on a "normative sample." That means your leaders learn how they fare compared to thousands of others in the following areas:

  • Integrity—Building trust and respect by being the person you want others to be
  • Partnership—Harvesting the potential of your team through the relationship you build with them
  • Affirmation—Letting people know what they do is important and appreciated

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