Leading People Through Change (GSA) Program

Change is a fact of life within the government. New administration, new policies, and new initiatives are moments that signal change and disruption. Most of these change efforts require significant adjustments in how large numbers of people get work done. Agency leaders need the buy-in and commitment of the employees who are being asked to change in order to achieve the desired results to enhance performance.

Our Leading People Through Change program teaches leaders how to identify and address the typical questions that government employees raise during a change, and appropriate change strategies to resolve corresponding behaviors and resolve concerns. Participants learn the change strategies used to address the most common causes of failure in an organization and how to adapt to the predictable stages of concern.


  • Positively impact productivity, morale, and leadership development
  • Increase “capacity to change” and an adaptive environment where change is effectively implemented on an ongoing basis
  • More buy-in and less time to achieve the desired performance
  • Develop agency-wide change management capabilities


Individuals tasked with leading all types of change efforts, including staff transitions, process reengineering, work environment shifts, and technology implementations.

The Ken Blanchard Companies has been awarded a contract under Schedule 874-1, 874-4 and 874-5—Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) by the General Services Administration (GSA), Contract Number: GS-02-F-0154U, MOBIS   Training Services.