Situational Self Leadership Overview

Enabling individuals to transition from responsiveness to responsibility encourages initiative, idea generation, and problem solving. The confidence an individual gains from this type of empowerment improves autonomy, performance and commitment.

Our two-day program is designed to create and foster self empowerment and engage leaders at all levels of the organization. Participants learn strategies to gain more satisfaction from their work by challenging their notion of leadership, to examine what motivates them, and to build confidence and self-reliance through knowledge and skills.

Improve Autonomy. performance. Commitment.

  • Identify your personal points of power and methods for maximizing their use
  • Learn the difference between setting goals and achieving them
  • Create a path toward peak performance
  • Master the art of managing up
  • Negotiate for increased authority and autonomy

Who will benefit

Individuals seeking to maximize their effectiveness, potential, and power while gaining confidence and skills to create a path to high performance. Direct reports of a leader who wants and needs their employees to become more self-reliant.

ASSESSMENT - The Empowerment Development Gauge and Evaluation (EDGE) assessment is designed to be used with this program to facilitate open communication between managers and direct reports.

DELIVERY METHODS - Situational Self Leadership can be delivered Face-to-Face, Virtual, or in a Blended design that combines both.