Self Leadership Overview

Don’t Waste Your Employees’ Potential

Which group spends their days working with customers and making your business run? Your individual contributors. They are the silent majority of your organization, and without their motivation and commitment:

  • Organizational initiatives fail
  • Innovation and creativity decline
  • Growth and productivity are limited
At Blanchard, we know how important it is to the success of your company that every employee be empowered, proactive, and committed to achieving results. Our Self Leadership development program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who take control of their own success and are committed to getting results for your organization.

Self Leadership Development Program Mindset Model

Blanchard’s one-day Self Leadership workshop builds on the world’s most widely taught leadership model, Situational Leadership® II, and integrates the latest research on the proactive skills required for individuals to be most effective.

Your Investment in Self Leaders Pays Off

When you arm individual contributors with the Self Leadership skillset and mindset, you build a healthy and empowered workforce; you’ll see accelerated development, higher performance, personal accountability, and increased innovation.

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DELIVERY METHODS - Self Leadership is designed to be delivered Face-to-Face, or Virtually; no training for trainers is required.