Blanchard Online Learning Overview

Learning When and Where You Need It

It’s not always feasible to provide in-person training to everyone. That’s why 75 percent of organizations use elearning as a valuable training method to extend the reach and impact of their training programs.

Using award-winning technology, Blanchard Online Learning allows you to deliver world-class leadership content in a flexible, self-paced format that’s available when and where your learners need it. By combining manager-led debriefs with asynchronous online learning modules, organizations can choose a set curriculum to grow leadership skills in their managers and individual contributors.

SLII Express™ Course
Train your managers to be the best, no matter where they are. SLII Express™ is a microlearning course that teaches your managers the core concepts of Situational Leadership® II through short, digestible, bite-sized activities available wherever they are and whenever they have time. Your managers can progress through engaging, interactive exercises at their own pace, practice their leadership skills, and learn or review content when it’s most needed.

Manager Course
Give your managers a strong foundation in leadership by teaching them the skills they need to accurately diagnose development levels, apply the appropriate leadership style, conduct productive conversations, and build strong, trusting relationships with their team members.

Individual Contributor Course
Empower your individual contributors to become self leaders by teaching them how to diagnose their own development levels, ask for the direction and support they need, improve their communication and listening skills, and chart their own career path.