Customer Service

Legendary Service
A story about a good or bad experience with customer service is no longer confined to a small circle of friends. A particularly egregious misstep by a call-center employee or an exceptional display of great customer service—has the potential to go viral on social networks, bringing good or bad publicity to an organization overnight. 

Every company knows that great service is paramount to organizational success, yet few have a proven plan to build a customer service culture that empowers employees to take ownership for driving improvements, innovations, and cost savings. A quality service experience can only be achieved through motivated, loyal and empowered employees who have the knowledge and authority to resolve customer issues. 

Legendary Service Overview

We define Legendary Service as consistently delivering ideal service that keeps customers coming back. With the cost of gaining a new customer being six to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing customer, the Legendary Service program provides a systematic approach that enables service to become the competitive edge for your organization.

The program is designed to focus on two audiences: a one-day workshop for all employees, since everyone has customers; and a half-day workshop for managers where leaders focus on the critical role and responsibility of implementing the company’s service culture through its employees, as well as crafting a plan on how to support their employees to better serve their customers.

Empower Employees. Reduce Costs. Keep Customers.

  • Build a brand and culture based on service
  • Lower cost of sales and increase revenue by using service as a differentor that people talk about on social media
  • Retain internal and external customers 
  • Unleash a caring, customer-driven organization, known for consistently delivering Legendary Service

Who Can Benefit

Service providers and service champions who are faced with providing the framework and leadership to create an organization known for its Legendary Service.

DELIVERY METHOD - Legendary Service is designed to be delivered Face-to-Face.

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