Building Trust

Trust is at the heart of every relationship and is critical in the workplace.

We all know what a distrustful workplace looks like: managers withhold information, people talk behind each other’s backs, employees are afraid to share concerns, no one takes responsibility, and you end up with an unhealthy culture and ineffective work environment.

Research shows that lack of trust in the workplace creates disengagement, low morale, lack of commitment, and reduced productivity. In fact, the primary factor affecting employee turnover is whether a trusting relationship was developed between the manager and the employee.

Building Trust Overview

When you have trusting relationships between your team members and their leaders, you have the foundation to create an engaged, committed, and high-performing workforce—a successful organization where everyone works together effectively toward the company’s goals. 


  • Increases Performance
  • Retains Your Talent
  • Drives Creativity and Innovation
  • Creates Collaboration


Based on 30 years of research, Blanchard’s Building Trust is a simple yet powerful program that provides a common language and framework focused on the specific behaviors that build trust.

The Elements of Trust Model helps your leaders and their team members learn how to build trust and how to repair it when it’s been broken.  

Building Trust Model

By building trust, you provide a safe work environment where employees will share their best ideas, demonstrate fairness, meet expectations, and act for the common good.


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