Employee Passion: Volume 1White Paper

Enhancing Employee Work Passion

The Ken Blanchard Companies released the results of a year-long study on the topic of employee passion—including the identification of eight factors that create the positive emotional state of mind that leads to long-term commitment to the organization, peak performance, and low turnover.

The study includes the results of a comprehensive literature search that looked at all of the factors positively linked to employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale to create an all encompassing model that describes the needs of employees in each of the following areas.

  • Worthwhile Work
  • Autonomy
  • Collaboration
  • Growth
  • Fairness
  • Recognition
  • Connectedness to Colleagues
  • Connectedness to Leader

The result is a new framework for improving performance and productivity that extends beyond the present research on employee engagement and satisfaction to describe a more complete end state that includes a balance of all eight factors.

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Online learning allows organizations to provide a consistent, convenient way to educate their employees. In fact, some experts believe that online learning is the way of the future. When designed effectively it can be just as powerful as, if not more powerful than traditional classroom training in addition to saving your organization time and money. Following a few smart guidelines will enable you to design and deliver effective online learning experiences that meet the needs of learners.

Employee Passion: Volume 6
Employee Passion: Volume 6

Employees want more meetings with their boss. That’s one of the key findings from a survey conducted by Training magazine and The Ken Blanchard Companies. More than 700 subscribers of Training magazine were polled to learn about their experiences having one-on-one meetings with their managers. Readers were asked what they wanted out of their meetings and how that compared to what was really happening.

Multisource Feedback
Multisource Feedback

Goal achievement is central to our positive self-concept and self-esteem. In general, MSF works because when individuals see a gap between their feedback ratings and the desired goal, they generally work to reduce the gap as a way of maintaining a positive sense of self-esteem. Individuals have a natural tendency to correct a certain behavior when they get feedback that doesn’t align with a standard they’ve held for themselves regarding who they want to be versus how they are perceived.

Innovations in Learning Design: Learning Experiences That Transform
Innovations in Learning Design: Learning Experiences That Transform

Peak learning experiences have the capacity to transform us, help us to grow, and, ultimately, optimize our lives. In a professional setting, learning gives individuals a chance to accelerate their success and expand beyond their current knowledge and skills. Yet so often those who teach don’t understand how to effectively transfer the knowledge or content in a way that learners can effectively integrate it, utilize it, and sustain it after the learning experience.