A Minute Can Change Everything

On May 5, HarperCollins will release The New One Minute Manager, a new book based on the 1982 business classic that took the world by storm, selling more than 15 million copies in 42 languages. The Three Secrets of The One Minute Manager revolutionized the way people managed their work and lives.

But the world has changed dramatically since then. People are different today—they want to find more meaning in their work and be appreciated for what they contribute. And today’s organizations need to respond sooner, often with fewer resources, to meet increased global competition.

As co-author Ken Blanchard explains, “When The One Minute Manager came out, the early 1980s leadership was really command-and-control. The One Minute Manager was in charge. He set the goals. He decided who to praise. He decided who to reprimand. Today, leadership is much more side-by-side. In The New One Minute Manager, leadership is much more of a partnership.”

“Things move so fast these days that people are in constant learning mode,” says co-author Spencer Johnson. “So the New One Minute Manager has adapted the way he uses the Three Secrets. For example, the One Minute Reprimand is now the One Minute Re-Direct, which is more helpful to people when they’ve made a mistake.”

A Quick Read for Busy Managers

Created as a fun, easily read story, the original book inspired a new genre: the business parable. That hasn’t changed in The New One Minute Manager.

As the authors explain, “It’s a quick read. Today’s managers want to get answers quickly. The New One Minute Manager will be useful to anyone who wants to experience more success with less stress in less time.”

The heart and soul of the new book is that one minute really can make a difference. Using the Three Secrets, people often find that 20% of their efforts lead to 80% of the results they want.

The First Secret: One Minute Goals. Make it clear what the goals are. Show what good behavior looks like. Put each goal on one page. Review goals frequently. Encourage people to notice what they’re doing and see if it matches their goals. If not, urge them to change what they’re doing.

“There are three parts to managing people’s performance,” says Blanchard, “planning, coaching, and evaluation. In so many organizations, managers spend all of their time in evaluation. If people do have goals, they are usually set at the beginning of the year and then filed away.

“In The New One Minute Manager we say that no, you need to keep goals front and center so you can look at them continually to see if your behavior is matching your goal. And if it isn’t, then you change it.”

The Second Secret: One Minute Praisings. Catch people doing things right! Praise the behavior. Do it soon. Be specific. Say how good you feel about it. Pause to let people feel good, too. Encourage them to keep up the good work.

As Spencer Johnson explains, “The power behind The One Minute Praising is caring. When you care about another person’s well-being, then take the time to notice when they’re doing something right and comment on it, people appreciate it. The key is to be honest. Don’t praise to flatter. Just take a moment to comment on something they have done that you value.”

The Third Secret: One Minute Re-Directs. Re-clarify and agree on goals. Confirm what happened. Describe the mistake soon. Say how concerned you feel. Pause to let people feel their own concern. Remind them that you have confidence and trust in them, and support their success. When it’s over, it’s over.

One of the most dramatic changes in the new book is that the One Minute Reprimand is now the One Minute Re-Direct. As Ken Blanchard explains, “The difference between a reprimand and redirection is whether a person is a learner or not. A Reprimand is for when a person knows better than what they are doing. A Re-Direct is for a person who is a learner. Today, with the constant need for skill development, everyone is learner.”

A New Book for a New Generation

The book’s practical, action-oriented model—wrapped in an easy-to-read, parable—has been designed to inspire a new generation. Whether they download the e-book, listen to the audio book, or read the hardcover, today’s leaders will learn powerful tools to help them get the results and satisfaction they’re looking for.

Plus, they’ll have fun doing it. “The beauty of The New One Minute Manager is that you can watch what the characters do and perhaps see yourself in the story,” says Johnson. “It’s not so much what we as authors put into it; it’s what the reader finds valuable and takes out of it. Thus it’s a journey of self-discovery, which is more enjoyable and remains with you longer.”

Got a Minute?

To learn more about The New One Minute Manager and download the first chapter, visit the special pre-release website. You can also access social media resources and explore special pre-release offers!

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A minute can change everything.

The One Minute Manager, first published in 1982, took the world by storm. Spending many years on the New York Times bestseller list, it became one of the biggest bestsellers in history.

The world has changed over the last three decades―and so has The New One Minute Manager. In this webinar, co-author Ken Blanchard shares how the New One Minute Manager does things in new ways that are far more effective in today’s world:

  • He recognizes that working side-by-side with people gets better results than the old top-down style of management.
  • He’s modified his Three Secrets―each takes only about a minute, but together they make a real difference.
  • He’s adapted how he communicates with people, including the way he uses the new Third One-Minute Secret.
  • He shows people how to manage themselves, so they enjoy their work more and are more productive.
  • He knows that despite all the advances in technology, the best minute of his day is still the one he invests in people.

Managing your work and personal life successfully has never been more important. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend an hour with Ken Blanchard and learn how you can put the secrets of One Minute Management to work for you!

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