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August 2015

Leadership Development: Creating a Scalable Solution

No matter how good your content or your instructional design, if you are not able to deliver a training program to people where they are and when they need it you can put yourself out of the game, says Michael Ownbey, an online learning consultant with The Ken Blanchard Companies.

"Today, even companies in conventional industries have decentralized audiences with more people working remotely, whether it's while traveling, in home offices, or through other arrangements. There is an overwhelming need to reach these workers on their terms.

"Until recently, asynchronous training was used primarily for compliance training—you needed to complete a course to get a certification, hold a license, or satisfy regulation. Organizations typically set up cafeteria plans in this type of environment and a learning and development professional would pull together any number of asynchronous online classes and plug people in when there was a need.

"Now we're beyond that. Online learning has moved into leadership development and other soft skill sets. What's more common now is a solution where the user has the autonomy to learn content on his or her own schedule, albeit with a deadline. This provides a double benefit: learners can engage in content at their own pace and L&D professionals can focus their time on how learners take what they've learned and translate it into practice."

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