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November 2014

Employee Engagement: Moving from Analysis to Action

Employee engagement is at an important crossroads. After years of conducting engagement surveys, organizations are finding that improving employee engagement is a lot more difficult than measuring it. And while surveys have initially helped organizations to identify areas that needed to be addressed, an inability to make progress in these key areas has turned optimism into cynicism in many cases.

Organizations need to shift their focus says Bob Freytag, Director of Consulting Services for The Ken Blanchard Companies. It's time to take action.

"Stagnant or declining engagement scores tell you that leadership fundamentals are missing," explains Freytag. "Putting those fundamentals in place requires time, focus, and a strategic shift. In this case, delaying action does not make things better. You only take the problem you're in now and keep digging the hole deeper."

Freytag's advice to senior leaders?

Paraphrasing American humorist Will Rogers, "When you find yourself in a hole that you don't want to be in, stop digging!"

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