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March 2015

Motivated Leadership

Have you ever found yourself repeatedly procrastinating, not taking action on a task that needs to be done, or not having the boldness to act—even on a good idea? Or have you felt your energy drain away just thinking about an upcoming task, such as conducting performance reviews? Your motivational outlook is probably to blame, says best-selling business author Susan Fowler.

Fowler explains that individuals bring one of six motivational outlooks to any goal or task they face. And her research has identified that three of the outlooks perform better than others for generating positive, long-lasting, and consistent energy for getting a job done.

The challenge for leaders is to help employees identify which of the six motivational outlooks is currently in play, help them shift to one of the more positive outlooks, and then reflect on the impact. Fowler's research shows that this three-step process leads to greater performance, productivity, and well-being.

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