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February 2016

Performance Management: Are Your First-Time Managers Overreacting?

As a first-time manager, you want to make a good first impression by demonstrating confidence and capability in managing the work of others. But new managers sometimes get over-invested in people and projects. As a result, they can overreact—getting too excited or upset when things don't go exactly as planned.

Leadership expert Scott Blanchard, co-author of The Ken Blanchard Companies' new First-time Manager learning program, says new managers sometimes approach their first assignment with the same energy new parents have with their first child.

"I remember being a new parent—you worry about every little thing," explains Blanchard. "Every sniffle is a trip to the emergency room. You find yourself freaking out all the time. But by the time you get to the second kid, you have a whole new perspective. And if you get to a third or fourth, the kids practically raise themselves because you've gained experience—you don't overreact to things like you did before. New managers are sometimes like new parents in that regard."

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