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Apr 08, 2017

Dear Madeleine, I am a manager of a large team. I like my work, the mission of the company is meaningful, and we make a difference in the world. I have a reputation for being a good manager and getting things done on time and under budget. My boss, who is fairly new—and, frankly, in…

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Apr 06, 2017

Any organization can begin to improve employee engagement by implementing a simple and practical strategy. This one technique will immediately increase the frequency and quality of conversations taking place between managers and direct reports—a relationship that is critical to employee work passion. The best way to reduce turnover and increase engagement is to make sure…

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Apr 05, 2017

In this episode of the Blanchard LeaderChat podcast Chad Gordon interviews Jackie Freiberg, coauthor of Cause!: A Business Strategy for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness. Freiberg describes how finding your purpose helps organizations and individuals take their performance to a new level. Freiberg shares how organizations need to find their cause if they are going to…

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Apr 04, 2017

Getting to a great outcome for coaching can be tricky. Clients—the recipients of coaching—can always tell you if they enjoyed the process. They can even tell you if they found coaching to be helpful. But it’s often more difficult to determine the actual value in business terms or in life outcomes. What happens on the…

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Apr 01, 2017

Dear Madeleine, I am currently in an unfulfilling job. I also have digestive health issues that are not being resolved through diet and supplements. I am a creative person and I long to travel. I currently want to leave my job and travel around the world to heal and to write about my experiences—a blog…

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How We Lead Blog

Catch People Doing Something Right

When was the last time you praised a direct report, a colleague—or your boss? I’ll bet many of you can remember when ...

Apr 12, 2017
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Humility, Courage, and Vulnerability

People have studied the character traits of great leaders for years, and I believe humility is one of the most import...

Mar 29, 2017
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Managing By Values

Many years ago, I heard John Naisbitt give a speech on his book Reinventing the Corporation and was intrigued by a co...

Mar 15, 2017
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Why Lead Now Blog

Who can you trust?

Last week I took my car to a tyre garage to get two new tyres on my car. Whilst they were putting them on they said m...

May 06, 2016
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Ethical Behavior in Leadership

“Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one is watching – even when doing the wrong thing is legal”. ̵...

Apr 22, 2016
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Emotional Technology: Innovations That Could Change Leaders

There’s currently some fantastic technology out there, from wearables and self-lacing shoes (yes, like the ones...

Mar 18, 2016
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