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Employee Passion: Volume 6
White Paper

Employees want more meetings with their boss. That’s one of the key findings from a survey conducted by Training magazine and The Ken Blanchard Companies. More than 700 subscribers of Training magazine were polled to learn about their experiences having one-on-one meetings with their managers. Readers were asked what they wanted out of their meetings and how that compared to what was really happening.

Employee Work Passion: Volume 5
White Paper

New research from The Ken Blanchard Companies reveals the true impact of self-focused versus other-focused leader behaviors on the people they lead and the correlation to employee work intentions.

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Tech vs. Touch at Meetings … How to Win the War

Have you ever been at a meeting and noticed that more people were on their cell phones, laptops, or tablets than were paying attention? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. People are getting good at holding their devices just below table top, so all you see is the top of their heads. But this isn’t a…

Can You Really Be Happy Serving Others? Absolutely—Here’s Why

In our new book, Legendary Service: The Key is to Care, Ken Blanchard, Vicki Halsey and I use a parable format to teach some very important—and often surprising—elements of creating a customer focused culture within a company.  Even though we use a fictional story to get the point across, all of the examples and lessons…

5 Ways to Help Improve an Employee Alignment Problem

My discussions with managers about employee motivation often center on getting employees to be more motivated for their work.  Managers then describe the reasons they need employees to be “more motivated.”   Usually it is to achieve the important goals (or tasks) for which they are responsible. But discussing motivation in terms of how much someone…