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Coaching Skills: The Missing Link for Leaders

This paper finds that coaching is a powerful managerial tool. Organizations can develop and facilitate the appropriate culture, training, and support that managers need to adopt the coaching behaviors that will make them more effective.

Trust: An Essential Ingredient for Leadership Success

A key component of successful working relationships between leaders and followers, trust enables cooperation, encourages information sharing, and increases openness and mutual acceptance.

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Unfairly Criticized at Performance Review? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I lead large teams in the field and partner with a core team at the headquarters of my organization. My boss is at HQ and largely ignores me because all of my projects come in on time and under budget. I have literally been told I am a “dream employee.” The fly in…

New eBook Encourages Managers to Develop Coaching Skills

Regular communication using coaching skills is essential for bringing out the best in people. A new eBook just published by The Ken Blanchard Companies identifies coaching as the single most important managerial competency that separates highly effective managers from average ones. When leaders coach their people it has significant positive effects on employee development, performance,…

What it Really Takes for a Manager to Coach

Ask anyone about their best boss and you will get a familiar list: My boss cared about me as a person My boss listened to me and helped me grow My boss was clear about what was expected and gave me feedback—even when it wasn’t pretty My boss was a person I respected and admired…