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Essential Skills Every First-Time Manager Should Master
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Having the skill, intent, and capacity to engage in effective conversations is a key competency for success as a new manager. These strategies can get new managers off to a fast start by easing and supporting their transition and improving their performance, not only for them but for the entire team as well.

Measuring Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is at a critical juncture. After years of conducting engagement surveys, organizations are finding that improving employee engagement is a lot more difficult than measuring it. And while surveys have initially helped organizations to identify areas that needed to be addressed, making progress in these key areas has proven to be difficult, a fact that is reinforced by this study.

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4 Ways to Lower Stress in 4 Minutes or Less

Lowering your stress level—it’s a fact of life many coaching clients want to address. The sheer busyness of people’s day-to-day work lives causes many to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and ill equipped to deal with situations that come their way. This past week, a client came into a coaching meeting feeling just that way. She…

New Boss Might Not Like You? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I am a senior manager in a global company and have been here fourteen years. About two years ago, I spoke with my boss about being promoted to director level. She told me neither she nor her boss thought I was ready for promotion because I had some areas that needed improvement. They…

4 Principles for Using Your Power as a Leader

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” ~ Lord Acton Power accompanies leadership. No matter how lofty or humble your title, whether you manage 3 people or 3,000, if you lead a girl scout troop or you’re the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, you will…