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Employee Work Passion: Article 8

To more clearly understand the topic of power and its impact in the workplace, researchers from The Ken Blanchard Companies conducted a study to examine employees’ perceptions of their leaders’ use of five forms of power and the resulting positive or negative impact on the employees’ affect or emotional state and his or her work intentions.

Essential Skills Every First-Time Manager Should Master
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Having the skill, intent, and capacity to engage in effective conversations is a key competency for success as a new manager. These strategies can get new managers off to a fast start by easing and supporting their transition and improving their performance, not only for them but for the entire team as well.

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3 Warning Signs You’re Leading on Autopilot

I often find myself driving my car on auto-pilot. No, my car doesn’t actually have autopilot, or “driver assist,” but I’ll find myself mentally on autopilot. Since the vast majority of time when I drive I’m traveling the familiar journey to and from work, I’ll sometimes mindlessly start driving the same route even when I’m…

9 Mistakes of the Rookie Coach

The Ken Blanchard Companies has hired a lot of coaches since we first opened up our Coaching Services division back in 2000. We currently have 153 coaches in place to work with managers and executives in organizations all over the globe. To assess whether the coach has the level of competence we need, we always…

Colleague Sabotaging You? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I have a business colleague—essentially a peer, although I am slightly senior to her—with whom I need to work collaboratively. We get along well on the surface but I am extremely frustrated with her work practices. We set timelines and deadlines for large segments of projects that we need to pass to each…