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Developing Self Leaders—A Competitive Advantage for Organizations
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The nature of leadership continues to evolve as organizational structures and business models evolve. Top-heavy leadership approaches are shifting and in their place, individual contributors are being asked to step up in new ways, take on more responsibility, contribute differently, and look for ways to empower themselves— essentially to become self leaders.

Coaching Skills: The Missing Link for Leaders

This paper finds that coaching is a powerful managerial tool. Organizations can develop and facilitate the appropriate culture, training, and support that managers need to adopt the coaching behaviors that will make them more effective.

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Dealing with a Difficult Employee? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I manage a large team of graphic artists for a popular online magazine. A few of my people are employees who do other tasks for the magazine, but most of my artists are independent contractors. On the whole, they are professional and easy to work with—but a couple are simply a pain in … … Continue reading

The Two Sides of Servant Leadership

When people hear the phrase servant leadership, they are often confused. These folks think you can’t lead and serve at the same time. Yet you can, if you understand that servant leadership consists of two parts: A visionary/direction, or strategic, role—the leadership aspect of servant leadership; and An implementation, or operational, role—the servant aspect of … … Continue reading

Coaching Yourself—6 Tips from a Professional Coach

Have you ever thought about coaching yourself?  It’s a good skill to have—especially during an unexpected change, transition, or period of uncertainty. Through self-coaching, you can take control of your thoughts and actions. Coaching yourself can be a challenge due to biases and assumed constraints.  However, by increasing your awareness of your thoughts and being … … Continue reading