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A Business Case for Optimal Motivation
White Paper

Activating optimal motivation is far more than a feel-good proposition for individuals and organizations. It provides a pragmatic and skill-based framework, course of action, and solution to helping shift a workforce that costs organizations an estimated $350 billion annually in lost productivity. Organizations will spend $750,000 to $1 billion to fix a problem whose source many of them do not understand.

Employee Work Passion: Volume 7
White Paper

Performance management is a key leadership responsibility. This survey suggests that significant gaps exist between employee expectations and what they are experiencing at work. Left unaddressed, these gaps represent a drain on overall organizational vitality through lowered employee intentions to stay, endorse, and apply discretionary effort as needed.

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Trouble Setting Boundaries at Work? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I have a lot of friends at work and we have a lot of fun. I am an easy going person and like to joke around, but I was recently promoted to manager and now there’s a problem.  One person on my team assumes he can take breaks whenever he wants without asking.…

Do Your Customer Service Policies Show You Trust Your Employees? 5 Strategies to Consider

I’ve got a pet peeve when it comes to customer service policies. It annoys me to no end when front-line employees have to get a manager’s approval for even the simplest, low-dollar merchandise return. I recently had to return an item to an office supply store (a national chain) where I encountered this very situation.…

Four Steps to Being More Coach-Like in Your Conversations

“How did you do that?” This is a question we hear often from Blanchard clients. In a recent conversation with an organizational sponsor, I was asked to explain how Blanchard coaches were able to consistently help leaders in a high potential coaching program to make changes that stuck. Our client knew all about the skills…