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Employee Work Passion: Volume 7
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Performance management is a key leadership responsibility. This survey suggests that significant gaps exist between employee expectations and what they are experiencing at work. Left unaddressed, these gaps represent a drain on overall organizational vitality through lowered employee intentions to stay, endorse, and apply discretionary effort as needed.

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Online learning allows organizations to provide a consistent, convenient way to educate their employees. In fact, some experts believe that online learning is the way of the future. When designed effectively it can be just as powerful as, if not more powerful than traditional classroom training in addition to saving your organization time and money. Following a few smart guidelines will enable you to design and deliver effective online learning experiences that meet the needs of learners.

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Coaching Tuesday: Learning from Your Mistakes

It’s inevitable: we all make mistakes, hard as it is to admit it. And it’s agonizing when we realize our actions may have had a negative impact on our boss, clients, colleagues, friends, or family. In the world of coaching, we know that how one responds to a mistake is as important as what one…

Four Ways to Refire at Work

People who embrace life with gusto enjoy better health and more happiness and fulfillment says Ken Blanchard in his latest column for Chief Learning Officer magazine, Blanchard goes on to explain that the same principle applies at work, yet many people who’ve been in a job for a while see the days ahead as something…

Managing Polarities: A Key Skill for the Well-Intentioned Manager

Being a great manager means balancing the needs of your people with the results you are trying to achieve. This can be a fiendishly hard balance to strike, and maintain. For example: As managers we are expected to have the best interest of the organization as a prime objective and yet the needs of each of…