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Coaching Skills: The Missing Link for Leaders

This paper finds that coaching is a powerful managerial tool. Organizations can develop and facilitate the appropriate culture, training, and support that managers need to adopt the coaching behaviors that will make them more effective.

Trust: An Essential Ingredient for Leadership Success

A key component of successful working relationships between leaders and followers, trust enables cooperation, encourages information sharing, and increases openness and mutual acceptance.

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12 Books NOT About Coaching That Coaches Need to Know About

I went out to my network and asked people what books, not about coaching, have made the biggest difference for them as a coach. I was surprised at how few responses I got on this particular question—because I have so many on my list. This possibly could be because I started coaching before there were…

Considering an Advisory Board? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I am a young entrepreneur just getting off the ground with my own startup.  I have been told by several people that I should have an advisory board.  Can you tell me what that is, what would it do for me, and how I should go about creating one? Advice Needed Dear Advice…

Struggling on How to Kick Off a Feedback Session? Try These 3 Tips!

This Blanchard guest post is by Certified Professional Coach Antonio Estrada. I once conducted interview-based 360-degree assessments with three executives in the automotive industry. Coming in as a third party consultant, I perceived a cautious skepticism from the leaders under review. I decided, right at the onset, to create an environment conducive to their learning from…