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Employee Passion: Volume 6
White Paper

Employees want more meetings with their boss. That’s one of the key findings from a survey conducted by Training magazine and The Ken Blanchard Companies. More than 700 subscribers of Training magazine were polled to learn about their experiences having one-on-one meetings with their managers. Readers were asked what they wanted out of their meetings and how that compared to what was really happening.

Employee Work Passion: Volume 5
White Paper

New research from The Ken Blanchard Companies reveals the true impact of self-focused versus other-focused leader behaviors on the people they lead and the correlation to employee work intentions.

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4 Reasons Why the Quest for Happiness at Work is Misguided

To borrow from Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy:” It might seem crazy what I’m about to say… But I really don’t care if you’re happy at work. In fact, I think all the hype about happiness at work is a bit misguided. Now, before you blow up my Twitter feed with negative feedback or blast me…

eLearning: Make It Social For Best Results—5 Ways to Support Change

When The Ken Blanchard Companies embraced the future by creating a lesson on Situational Leadership® II with Ninth House (now PDI Ninth House) back in 1999, the clarion call was: Traditional stand-up training is dead. Online learning is going to take the world by storm. As a result, we became experts at virtual classrooms and…

Four Warning Signs That An Overactive Ego Might Be Undermining An Executive’s Career

When leaders get caught up in their ego, they erode their effectiveness.  Leaders with an overactive ego find themselves unable to center. Instead they are constantly moving from a sense of inadequacy to an overinflated sense of their own importance. In his book Leading at a Higher Level, business author Ken Blanchard explains that “When…