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The Problem with Performance Review
White Paper

The practice of performance review has been around for more than a century. Although the practice didn't become mainstream until the 1950s, the primary function of performance appraisals was to provide a process for organizations to rate the effectiveness of their employees. The problem is most organizations don't do them very well.

Employee Work Passion: Article 8

To more clearly understand the topic of power and its impact in the workplace, researchers from The Ken Blanchard Companies conducted a study to examine employees’ perceptions of their leaders’ use of five forms of power and the resulting positive or negative impact on the employees’ affect or emotional state and his or her work intentions.

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Can’t Delegate? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I am the new CEO of an asset management firm. I am concerned that my executive team is not up to speed and I am nervous about delegating to them. They are all super talented, bright and experienced. The problem is the former CEO was a micromanager who was punitive when people asked … … Continue reading

What Does Your Dream Team Look Like?

I recently watched a UK talk show where Tom Hanks and Ron Howard were guests. Howard, director of many of Hanks’s most successful films, was asked what he liked about working with Hanks. His response was that he appreciated two qualities in Hanks—confidence and creativity. This got me thinking. What makes us want to work … … Continue reading

Want to Improve Work Performance? Focus on Your Conversations

A new infographic released by The Ken Blanchard Companies shows that work communication isn’t happening with the quality or frequency people are hoping for.  The infographic looks specifically at one-on-one conversations and finds huge gaps (20 to 30 percent) between what employees want and what they actually experience when conversing with their manager. These gaps … … Continue reading