Who We Serve

The Ken Blanchard Companies is a human-capital catalyst, helping federal agencies uncover employees’ potential for maximum engagement and performance. We do this through Situational Leadership® II, organization and executive development, coaching, mentoring, assessment and training solutions. We enable public professionals at all career levels to discover, practice and apply extraordinary insights to maximize agency impact.
Using our solutions, federal agencies can become more adaptive to constant change, more responsive to citizens expectations, more productive with constrained resources, more open to evolving work styles and ultimately better able to further our nation’s progress.

Blanchard's solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of Agency Leaders, Agency Managers, Federal Contractors and those working in Policy & Oversight

The Ken Blanchard Companies has been awarded a contract under Schedule 874-1, 874-4 and 874-5—Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) by the General Services Administration (GSA), Contract Number: GS-02-F-0154U, MOBIS Training Services.