Situational Frontline Leadership (GSA) Program

Frontline managers have a challenging role as they are asked to deliver on expectations that have been established by the administration to a range of individuals they manage. Bridging this gap between administration expectations and delivered results requires a special skill set to establish effective partnerships with individuals who are at varying stages of professional and personal development.

Our Situational Frontline Leadership program is based on our highly successful Situational Leadership® II Model and shows frontline managers how to diagnose individual situations and employ core communication skills to partner for performance. This two-day or three-day program is based on new approaches to adult learning theory and teaches frontline managers how to provide clear and specific direction, actively listen, offer feedback, and enhance self-esteem of government employees.


  • Create a common language and approach to leadership that permeates your agency’s culture
  • Improve communication and coaching for optimal performance
  • Increase motivation, morale, and retention
  • Partner for performance at each development level
  • Establish a set of skills to use in order to resolve performance problems


Managers, internal coaches, and Human Resource professionals who need a shared process, language, and model to bridge performance and to achieve expected results can benefit from this program.

The Ken Blanchard Companies has been awarded a contract under Schedule 874-1, 874-4 and 874-5—Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) by the General Services Administration (GSA), Contract Number: GS-02-F-0154U, MOBIS   Training Services.