Giving Feedback (GSA) Program

Feedback is a critical element in coaching and developing others to help them reach their full potential. Providing feedback that improves performance and bolsters productivity requires the development and cultivation of very specific communication skills. When done properly, delivering feedback is a powerful skill that can help individuals develop their talents, build confidence, and become world-class performers.

Our half–day Giving Feedback program uses a behavioral approach to teach participants how to deliver four specific types of feedback. Utilizing a situational focus, leaders learn to identify the type of feedback that is most appropriate for the given situation. This comprehensive approach teaches leaders how to improve performance, promote trust, and increase productivity throughout the agency.


  • Know how and when to deliver feedback
  • Create relationships where people are open to hearing your feedback
  • Retain key talent and gain higher organizational productivity
  • Provide feedback that enables others to take responsibility for their own development
  • Increase competence, motivation, confidence, and trust among employees


Giving effective feedback is a critical ingredient in organizational development and for individuals in a supervisory or managerial role. Individual contributors looking to improve their communication skills can also benefit.

The Ken Blanchard Companies has been awarded a contract under Schedule 874-1, 874-4 and 874-5—Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) by the General Services Administration (GSA), Contract Number: GS-02-F-0154U, MOBIS Training Services.