Coaching Essentials for Leaders (GSA) Program

The most effective managers and leaders have the qualities of a great coach. Leaders who use coaching skills can improve morale, retain their key talent, provide better customer service in their agency, and experience higher productivity overall.

Coaching Essentials is a skills-based training program that focuses on helping leaders integrate coaching into their leadership style by developing core coaching skills and applying new behaviors to help develop employees, colleagues, and teams. The program focuses on drawing out ideas and solutions, collaborating, partnering, and developing government employees by using directive and supportive behaviors to drive mission success.

Develop Skills. Improve Productivity. Raise Morale.

  • Utilize coaching skills to support others in taking focused and purposeful actions
  • Increase agency productivity, growth, and impact
  • Accelerate team performance
  • Create an environment of trust that supports the development and accomplishments of the people

Who can benefit

Leaders, managers, internal coaches, and Human Resource professionals who want to use a “coach approach” to help team members improve commitment, raise morale, and increase productivity.

The Ken Blanchard Companies has been awarded a contract under Schedule 874-1, 874-4 and 874-5—Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) by the General Services Administration (GSA), Contract Number: GS-02-F-0154U, MOBIS Training Services