Employee Work Passion Assessment for Government Assessment

Moving Beyond Satisfaction

Developed by The Ken Blanchard Companies, the Employee Work Passion Assessment (EWPA) is a scientifically validated tool that identifies the root causes of individuals’ disengagement and dissatisfaction and provides a precise diagnostic basis for developing focused interventions. The EWPA goes far beyond simply measuring satisfaction or engagement. It provides a clear analysis of the environmental factors that influence workforce intentions and outcomes, and the factors that influence what people think about their job or organization, what they feel, and what they intend to do. Intentions influence behaviors, which in turn, affect results. The EWPA gives a clear perspective on your agency’s work environment, how to improve it and increase government employee engagement and productivity.


By connecting these factors with what organizational psychologists call intent, the EWPA allows agency leaders to strategically measure engagement or work passion more accurately and effectively and change conditions to shift employee perceptions, intentions and behaviors in the right direction.

Who Can Benefit?

Federal managers and government employees alike in agencies that want to develop leadership capacity, improve workplace cultures, drive organizational change and reach their full potential.