The Client

Global biopharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. has led advancements in health and access to healthcare for people and their valued animals since the company’s founding in 1849. With a focus on discovering and developing breakthrough medicines and providing information on prevention, wellness, and treatment to 38 million patients every day, the organization lives its vision of working for a healthier world.

The Challenge

Pfizer’s leaders represent key stewards of the company’s core values: leadership, innovation, integrity and respect for people. To support those leaders in their important mission, Pfizer sought a leadership development curriculum focused on improving performance, managing change, developing people, and fostering a global culture of inclusivity, openness and alignment.

How Blanchard Responded

The Ken Blanchard Companies first partnered with Pfizer through its original Situational Leadership training model. When Blanchard introduced its Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) process, Pfizer adopted the new training format since “SLII is based on updated research that more accurately reflects how people develop and grow,” says Betsy Blee, former senior director of Pfizer Leadership Education and Development. Supervisors in all divisions, including sales, research, manufacturing, and finance, participated in the SLII training, which became a mandatory component of Pfizer’s leadership development curriculum.
Additional, targeted Blanchard programs, including Situational Team Leadership and Situational Self Leadership, expanded Pfizer’s curriculum to bolster team chartering and effectiveness and individual development. As Pfizer identified the need to foster common leadership language among its global teams, it adopted Blanchard’s SLII on the Ninth House Network, a web-based program that facilitates worldwide learning.


“We love our partnership with Blanchard and plan to maintain it,” says Blee. “The programs and processes work together and have allowed us to create continuity over the nine years we’ve been working together. We wanted to adopt a core, shared model that was practical, easy to use and deliver, and would achieve results. And our work with Blanchard has enabled Pfizer to achieve (leadership) consistency across the organization worldwide.”