Foster Leadership

Since Blanchard’s inception, developing leaders has defined our company’s singular focus, purpose and mission. Leadership forms the core of our work, because research reveals that leadership is a key factor influencing employee engagement, organizational vitality, and mission effectiveness. We are passionate about assisting agencies in developing and retaining the skilled leaders and high-performance workforce they need to fulfill their missions and ably serve the citizens that rely on them.

Foundational Alignment

Blanchard understands how professionals should collaborate in public missions for optimal results. We know that the success of these missions derives from an effective organizational strategy and culture. Through 35 years of experience, we've proven that sound strategic and cultural development begins with this foundational requirement: leadership that promotes alignment among employees at all levels, fosters two way communication, and ensures feedback to and from executive decision makers.

A Crucial Common Language

Blanchard’s approach to leadership centers on instilling a common language – a combination of values, skills, and competencies that help people and organizations lead better. Our focus on communicating through this shared framework helps leaders become more effective and direct reports become more engaged, as all employees learn to honor different development stages and leadership styles. By integrating a common language across the public sector, Blanchard empowers employees and leaders to break down silos and increase productivity through their influence, not authority. With all levels of government leadership adequately aligned, agencies will be more likely to efficiently fulfill their missions in pursuit of the greatest public good.

Client Story: Read how one client used Blanchard’s solutions to foster common leadership language among employees around the world.