Enable Generational Transitions

Finding Promise in Transition

With Millennials representing just 16 percent of the federal workforce, and half of the remaining workforce approaching retirement age, the question of who will grow into and take over in leadership positions grows urgent. Among the situation’s many challenges:

  • How to promote quicker-than-normal ascension through the ranks to fill the positions of retiring Boomers – potentially faster than individuals or agencies' development programs can support.
  • How to promote Millennials in current positions.
  • How to leverage specialized skills and institutional knowledge that risks being lost and must be passed on through mentoring.

Cultivating Sustainable Leadership

Blanchard can assist with the mass retirement exodus of Baby Boomers while bringing in a new generation of leaders, helping both Boomers and Millennials become successful change agents. Our Employee Work Passion Assessment (EWPA) addresses the generational gap by identifying which values are core to Boomers and Millennials, and applying those to future organizational change. As Blanchard assists government to understand and activate shared values, we reveal opportunities for knowledge transfer and creating brand ambassadors for agencies and missions. We help you in preparing a new generation of public professionals, ensuring that Boomers pass on important legacies to Millennials ready to lead and cultivate lasting careers in public service.