Build High Performing Cultures

From Talk to Transformation

We hear abundant chatter today about high employee turnover, disengagement and dissatisfaction plaguing federal agencies. At Blanchard we move beyond the talk, applying vigorous research and measurable solutions to activate employee engagement and optimize organizational performance. In short, we design interventions that effect change.

Evaluating Work Passion

Our Employee Work Passion Assessment (EWPA) is designed to address the disengagement crisis that threatens the success of government agencies. The EWPA does more than any other engagement assessment tool available today. It measures and correlates 12 key factors across three categories: organizational, job and relationship. By connecting these factors with intention – the most accurate indicator of future behavior – the EWPA permits Blanchard to strategically measure engagement or work passion more accurately and effectively. The EWPA complements the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey by using its evaluation of present employee satisfaction to launch a predictive analysis of employee behaviors in the future.

Focus on Service

Through the EWPA, Blanchard identifies areas of necessary change and prescribes solutions that influence employee perceptions, intentions and behaviors. We enable agency leaders to create intentional, positive and productive cultures that promote self-empowerment, respect and creativity. Importantly, we work to deepen federal employees’ connection to a central focus: service with purpose.

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