Situational Self Leadership Virtual Learning Design

The Situational Self Leadership Virtual Learning program is a leadership program designed for individuals at all levels within an organization who want to make the transition from being responsive to being responsible, and who must learn to take initiative in idea generation, innovation, and problem solving. The process provides individual contributors with strategies for gaining more satisfaction from their work by challenging their notion of leadership, examining what motivates them, and building confidence, knowledge, and skills. Participants learn to take the initiative and assume responsibility for becoming peak performers. The process enables individuals to take a measure of control and to create change that will enhance their contribution to the organization and personally benefit them.

Includes four 2-hour sessions and two field work activities, designed using WebEx Training Center. For those who use a different platform, optional delivery activities are provided.


Session 1 (Two Hours)

  • Welcome and Setting the Context
  • First Foundational Skill of Self Leadership—Challenge Assumed Constraints
  • What Do You Want from Your Job
  • Magic Squares Learning Experience

Session 2 (Two Hours)

  • Second Foundational Skill of Self Leadership—Collaborate for Success
  • Matching Development Level and Leadership Style
  • Development Continuum
  • Bouncing through the Development Continuum
  • Direction and Support

Session 3 (Two Hours)

  • Flashes of Self Leadership
  • The Needs Model
  • Best and Worst of Times
  • Developmental Needs Analysis (DNA)

Session 4 (Two Hours)

  • One on One Meeting Introduction
  • Third Foundational Skill of Self Leadership—Celebrate Your Points of Power
  • One on One Practice
  • Insights, Ideas, and Intentions
  • SSL Quiz

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