Situational Leadership® II Virtual Learning Design

Comparable to a 1.5-Day Classroom experience

This workshop is a valuable opportunity for you to develop and hone your Situational Leadership® II skills. When you take the time to assess the development needs of your people, you show that you care about them and you demonstrate your integrity and your commitment to their success. Jump on board and take an exciting virtual journey, where you will learn new leadership skills and practices—all from the comfort of your own desk.

Includes four two-hour sessions, delivered over 2–4 weeks, and designed using WebEx Training Center. For those who use a different platform, optional delivery activities are provided.


Session 1 (Two Hours)

  • Welcome and Setting the Context
  • Introduction to SLII®
  • Diagnosis
  • Competence and Commitment
  • Four Levels of Development

Session 2 (Two Hours)

  • Development Levels
  • Flexibility and Leadership Behaviors
  • Leadership Styles
  • LBAII®

Session 3 (Two Hours)

  • SLII Game—Practice the Model
  • Matching Leadership Styles
  • Matching Skill Practice
  • Oversupervision and
  • Case Study Analysis to
    Reinforce Learning

Session 4 (Two Hours)

  • Match/Mismatch Practice
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Regression
  • Partnering for Performance
  • Partnering Skill Practice
  • One on One Conversations
  • Action Planning

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