Situational Frontline Leadership Virtual
Learning Design

The Situational Frontline Leadership Virtual Learning program was designed to teach participants to have informal partnering conversations with employees at each of the four development levels. It also improves participants’ ability to resolve performance problems. The program takes advantage of the latest in multimedia technology and makes use of a variety of experiential learning methodologies and optimal learning techniques. The training design is organized into six two-hour virtual learning sessions, with prework and fieldwork assignments to be completed outside of class.

Includes six 2-hour sessions, delivered with a week between modules, designed using WebEx Training Center. For those who use a different platform, optional delivery activities are provided.


Session 1 (Two Hours)

  • Introductions and Overview
  • Performance and Engagement
  • Diagnosing, Leadership, and Flexibility

Session 2 (Two Hours)

  • Partnering for Performance—Matching
  • Characteristics and Needs of D1
  • Work Direction, Feedback, Goal Setting
  • Partnering for Performance—D1

Session 3 (Two Hours)

  • Characteristics and Needs of D2
  • Feedback
  • Partnering for Performance—D2

Session 4 (Two Hours)

  • Characteristics and Needs of D3
  • Self-esteem
  • Ear Model—Listening Skills
  • Partnering for Performance—D3

Session 5 (Two Hours)

  • Assumptions about People
  • Resolving Performance Problems

Session 6 (Two Hours)

  • Characteristics and Needs of D4
  • Delegation
  • Match Finder Activity
  • Partnering for Performance—D4

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