Coaching Essentials for Leaders Virtual Design

Program Format

Coaching Essentials for Leaders Virtual Learning utilizes the latest multimedia technology and a variety of experiential and interactive learning techniques. The program is designed in four 90-minute virtual sessions with fieldwork between sessions. Each session is fast-paced and includes short breaks to ensure maximum participant engagement.

Delivery Options

When you engage a Blanchard trainer to deliver a Blanchard leadership program, the virtual experience is interactive, participative, and stimulating. You also get the support of an experienced Blanchard Producer who manages all aspects of the experience, from the first invitation to the final survey. Blanchard delivers our leadership courses through the WebEx Training Center platform. Alternately, Training for Trainers and Training for Producers are available to enable you to deliver and manage your own virtual classroom experience.


Session 1 (Two Hours)

  • Welcome and Setting
    the Context
  • Coaching Framework
  • Listening Skill Practice
  • Coaching Perspective

Session 2 (Two Hours)

  • Challenges and Advantages
    of Coaching
  • The Coaching Model
  • Coaching in Action
  • The C-Far Model
  • Coaching Practice

Session 3 (Two Hours)

  • Coaching Process and
    Skills Connection
  • Model for Listening
  • Connect and Focus Skills

Session 4 (Two Hours)

  • Test for Truth
  • Endorse to Energize
  • Coaching Process and
    Skills Connection Practice

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