People at Blanchard

With more than 300 employees worldwide, plus a network of coaches and Consulting Associates, Blanchard has built a strong corporate culture that values Ethics, Relationships, Success, and Learning. Our Escondido, Calif. campus is home to about 170 employees, with many field offices and global locations. Yet we stay connected through our love for our work, and our desire to serve.

Infant at Work—our most rewarding program

In our very earliest years, while working on a deadline developing a product, Founding Associate Pat Zigarmi brought her infant daughter to work with her. The positive effect of having a baby at work was a big discovery. Many years and many babies later, we call it the ultimate stress buster. Blanchard babies become socialized and at ease with people. It is a huge plus for baby, parent, and everyone around. It’s not uncommon for someone to look away from a computer and say, “I need to see the baby for a moment.”

Blanchard parents bring their baby to work for the first 5 months, where an atmosphere just perfect for them is arranged.

Blanchard Ambassadors

Our people believe in the importance of sharing the success of our organization with others and investing time in the improvement and appreciation of the communities in which we live and do business. The Blanchard Ambassador Program provides opportunities for Blanchard associates to perform meaningful services to the community utilizing their talents and dedication in order to enhance the lives of the people around them. All Blanchard associates are encouraged to spend 40 hours per calendar year, during business hours, in service to others. A list of community service agencies available includes the following categories:

  • Service to youth
  • Quality and enrichment of life
  • Service to senior citizens
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental and historical preservation
  • Arts and culture

Blanchard Student Leadership

Blanchard Student Leadership teaches young leaders how to understand what motivates them every day whether in school, at work, or in the community. Among young people with this level of knowledge, self-confidence and motivation grow and good judgment is applied to decision making. Students learn to make good decisions even when they are not in charge, take initiative to get the direction they need, and diagnose their own skills and motivation without waiting for someone to tell them what they need. Communication skills improve, goals are set and achieved, problem solving becomes easier, and they begin to take responsibility for themselves. Blanchard Student Leadership has been used in schools and organizations across the country for more than 10 years. Blanchard provides this program to many organizations with at-risk young leaders. It is also offered as an annual program to the children of Blanchard Associates.


Blanchard offers our internal training programs (the same programs we deliver to our clients) free of charge to employees through our IntelligenceQuest University (IQU). In addition, many training programs, books, videotapes, and audiotapes are available for employees to attend or check out for their own personal growth. Further, the organization offers Blanchard employees scholarships or discounted tuition to the Master of Science in Executive Leadership (MSEL) at the University of San Diego. We also have a tuition reimbursement program that pays up to $1,000 per employee for qualified educational costs.