Our Values

Blanchard Values - The Ken Blanchard CompaniesWe are a values-driven company dedicated to achieving superior results for all stakeholders—associates, customers, vendors, and the community. All of our decisions are made in accordance with the company values and all results are evaluated in light of their alignment with our values. They are accepted as the overriding “how-to” manual for everyday activities in the organization.


We do the right thing. We are fair and ethical and do what we say we’re going to do.

Focus and Clarity

We set clear goals and we act with purpose and intention to achieve them. Focus and clarity drive alignment and efficiency and help us discern whether to say yes or no.


We value Ken’s spirit of compassion, humility, and abundance. Kenship describes a sense of connectedness, a commitment to serve others, and a desire to have fun.

Getting to D4

We are committed to helping each other get to D4—the highest level on the development continuum. We value D4-level performance, competence, determination, resourcefulness, learning, and the ability to mentor others.


We value conversation. We talk things through. We value involvement and encourage new and divergent ways of thinking. Our communication is respectful, courageous, and appreciative.


We think and act as owners. We take personal responsibility for keeping our company streamlined, nimble, innovative, and profitable.