For domestic fulfillment we partnered with Ricoh Services (previously IKON) more than 12 years ago to establish an onsite printing and assembly center. Over the years we have teamed up with the Ricoh staff to minimize the environmental impact of document management using Ricoh’s Leave a Green Impression Solutions. Ricoh is committed to a program of environmental stewardship—both in the way they work, and in the way they help us work. Ricoh technology is designed for maximum energy efficiency to help reduce energy costs and support CO2 emissions reduction goals. Their products are designed to control, minimize, and eliminate volatile organic compounds and environmentally sensitive substances in accordance with RoHS and Ricoh internal standards. To learn more about Ricoh’s sustainable awards and partnerships, download their report at: http://www.ricoh.com/about/sustainability/report/.

We have progressed dramatically over the past seven years in producing our materials as geographically close to the customer as possible. Utilizing global electronic file distribution and securing partnerships with fulfillment centers worldwide, the need to print and ship from great distances has been eliminated—lessening environmental impact. Partnering with our fulfillment hubs in the U.K., Singapore, and Latin America, as well as other global printing locations, has allowed us to fulfill training materials locally (or near to the training) rather than shipping materials across the world.

We have also made cosmetic changes and updates to our training materials that do not affect intellectual content, instructional, or training design, yet do help the environment while fulfilling the needs of our clients. Where possible, we print our materials on 30% post-consumer recycled paper. We’ve transitioned away from producing plastic laminated covers for workbooks and other training materials, and switched to a high-quality recyclable stock. Our participant workbooks are now delivered using perfect binding instead of a three-ring binder with shrink-wrapped materials. These changes dramatically decrease the use of plastics in our products; decrease the weight, and therefore carbon impact, for shipping; and result in our materials being almost 100% recyclable.

In all, these changes maximize the use of recycled materials, and will result in lighter shipments that save our clients shipping costs while reducing the overall carbon footprint.