Blanchard in the Community

Our Foundation

The Blanchard Foundation has two primary purposes:

  1. To financially support other nonprofit organizations that strengthen our/your communities and help to solve a myriad of societies' problems.
  2. To actively build self-leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

We do this by:

  1. Making direct donations to 501(c) charities that serve a wide variety of community needs.
  2. Offering affordable, customized leadership and self-development training to youth, educational professionals, and other nonprofits.

The officers of the Blanchard Foundation are:

  • Kenneth H. Blanchard — CEO
  • Marjorie M. Blanchard — CFO
  • Lynette Grunenberg — Secretary

To contact the Blanchard Foundation, please

Blanchard for Others

Blanchard for Others is an employee-driven, company-supported charitable group within Blanchard. Through employee contributions and company offerings they provide financial contributions to charitable organizations, relief funds, and educational programs that serve those who need help to improve their quality of life.

In addition to employee contributions, Blanchard for Others receives funds from the Blanchard Give-Back Program, and from various fundraisers throughout the year such as our annual Craft Faire—where our employees and others sell their artwork, baked goods, jewelry, and crafts.

Give-Back Program

The Blanchard Give-Back Program was established by the Blanchard ownership group to encourage the active involvement of employees to give back to the community. Each associate chooses up to two charities to receive a cash donation from Blanchard in the associate’s name. Many associates choose Blanchard for Others as their recipient. Directing donations to organizations where associates have personal interests creates a tremendous sense of pride.

Homes of Hope

Over the years, the Blanchard Family has led groups of Blanchard volunteers and their families to Tijuana, Mexico, through the Youth with a Mission organization to build two-room homes for families in need.

Blanchard volunteer teams are organized so that the necessary skills such as painting, roofing, or putting up sheet rock are evenly distributed. The recipient families work with our volunteers over a long weekend to build homes on land the families own. On the last day of the project, a key-presenting ceremony marks the beginning of a new life for the families and renewed spirit for the Blanchard volunteers.